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What Are Passive Pages?

Passive pages are indiviual pages you can use to promote one of the many passive income streams inside of the passive system. Each Passive Page is customized with your own personal referral link for that program.

How Do I Add My Link To My Passive Page?

If you haven't done so already, you can add your links to passive pages within the settings of your account. You can edit that here.

What Link Do I Share?

You will want to share the links above. When a visitor clicks on that link with your username at the end, it will customize The Passive Page to show your referral link for that particular program

My Affiliates Links Don't Show Up On My Passive Pages

This could be for 1 of 2 reasons

Reason #1 - You haven't added your affiliate links to The Passive System. Please Do So Under "MY ACCOUNT" > "ADD LINKS"

Reason #2 - You are not in an incognito window. When you are logged into The Passive System you will always see your referrers links for each program. This is the most powerful part of ThePassiveSystem.

To see what new users will see - Open an incognito window and copy and paste your links to test.

How Do I Test My Links?

To test you links, please copy and paste your link in a new browser or an incognito window. If you are logged into the Passive System while testing your links you will always see your sponsors affiliate links.

Capture Page Isn't Working?

If your capture page isn't working its for 1 of 2 reasons.

Reason #1.) You have not added your Aweber LIST ID into your account and saved it

Reason #2.) You are testing your capture page in a browser you are still logged into ThePassiveSystem with.

You must test all pages, including capture pages, in a browser where you are not logged into the system or it will always use your sponsors info. Each capture page will show the current referred by affiliate somewhere on the page for reference. If it does not show your affiliate username you must check in a browser or window where you are not logged into the system

How Do I Invite Someone To ThePassiveSystem?

To invite someone to ThePassiveSystem you must use your own PassiveSystem invite link.

Your invite link works like a regular affiliate link and can be found under "Your Passive Pages"

A user must click through your link and also have an Invite Code to be invited to ThePassiveSystem

The latest invite code can be found under Your Passive Pages > ThePassiveSystem > Get more info tab.

Or you can find it here



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